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Did you know that it has been illegal to dispose of tyres at a landfill site since 2006? If you have used tyres to remove we can help.

We are a leading ISO 14001 certified tyre recycling and casing sorting business located in Burntwood, Staffordshire, UK. We have been operating since 1980 and have established a management team with significant experience in tyre collection, sorting and processing.

Any scrap tyres we process may be remoulded, used for energy or otherwise recycled – nothing goes to waste. The tyres may go through industrial sized shredders which allows for any metal to be separated out and are sent on to local smelters, or we use them to make PAS 108 tyre bales.

We also supply a chipped product which goes into civil engineering projects as a replacement for aggregate. It can be transported more easily, is kinder to the environment and is less costly than other drainage solutions.

Our Services


UK Collection

With our fleet of over 25 vehicles

All sizes of waste tyres are collected nationwide by our fleet of GPS-tracked collection trucks from many areas nationwide.

We collect from anywhere in the UK mainland including Cornwall and Scotland:

  • Our main facility in Burntwood operates across England and Great Britain

  • Northern England collections are possible via depots in Clitheroe and Sheffield

  • County Durham depot in Esh Winning

If you have car, van, 4x4, truck, industrial, solid, forklift, tractor or earthmover tyres that need collecting give us a call.​

On-Site Processing

At our ISO 14001 certified facility

We produce end product for a variety of purposes:

  • Shredding for tyre derived fuel and shred supply (e.g. equestrian surfaces)

  • Cement incineration made possible by the high calorific burning value of tyre rubber

  • PAS 108 blocks for construction projects


Tyre bales conforming to the PAS108 standard are made on-site with our two automatic baling machines and are often used in civil engineering and construction projects.

We are able to process up to 1000 tonnes of car, truck, agricultural and earthmover tyres per week with three American-manufactured SSI shredding and chipping machines in use.

Tyre Casings

We supply casing throughout Europe

Our highly skilled staff of examiners ensure that every mouldable casing is salvaged for re-use and considered to be offered as part of our car and truck casing resale service.


This approach maximises the amount of tyres that can be recycled in their original form and assists in ensuring recovery of what would otherwise be scrap material.

We maintain large stocks of all sizes and conduct wholesale of truck retreads, and high quality casing is often sold to local and overseas industry.

We are a fully licenced and

ISO 14001 certified handler of

tyres for recycling and disposal


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